Dunlop Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge - Double Valve - Dutch Valve / French Valve / Car Valve
Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge - Double Valve - Dutch Valve / French Valve / Car Valve €21,99

Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge - Double Valve - Dutch Valve / French Valve / Car Valve

From now on, you can easily keep your bicycle tires inflated with this multifunctional, standing bicycle pump from Dunlop with a double valve and built-in analogue pressure gauge.

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Just like with a car, the correct tire pressure is also important for your bicycle. With this Dunlop bicycle pump you can now ensure that your bicycle tires have the optimal pressure.

Effect of tire pressure

The pressure of your tires has an effect on various levels. With properly inflated tires you have less resistance and you cycle lighter on a slippery road. Harder tires also reduce the chance of a flat tire and your tires wear out less quickly. On the other hand, softer tires absorb bumps better when you drive on a cobblestone road. They also have more grip on the surface when a road is icy. Tire pressure is therefore on the one hand functional and on the other hand dependent on your personal preference.

For several types of valves

This standing bicycle pump is a floor pump that you operate by hand. It has a double valve. With these 2 different openings, the pump is suitable for 3 types of valves:

  1. Dunlop valve, also known as Dutch valve. This valve is often found on city bicycles. Use the small hole for this.
  2. Presta valve, also called French valve. This is a slightly longer and thinner valve that you often see on sports bikes. You also use the small hole for this. Please note that this valve is more fragile.
  3. Schrader valve (car valve): this is somewhat larger and can be found, for example, on mountain bikes, scooters and cars. Connect this valve to the large hole.

The advantage of such a double valve is that you do not need separate adapter nipples for these common valve types. You clamp the pump head over the valve with a lever. That is why this head is called a compression head.

The set also includes 2 separate valve adapters, neatly stored in a transparent container that you click onto the bicycle pump. You can use the separate needle valve to inflate a ball. For example, you can use the red valve to inflate inflatable water toys, such as an air mattress or swimming pool.

Pressure gauge

This bicycle pump has a built-in analog pressure gauge at the base, also called a manometer. You can read the tire pressure on this, both in PSI (pounds-per-square-inch, up to 180 PSI) and in bar (up to 12 bar). Handy, because in addition to bicycle tires that are too soft, you can also overinflate a tire. A bicycle tire that is too hard increases the risk of a blowout. For city bikes you usually maintain a tire pressure of about 3 to 4 bar. You can read the recommended maximum tire pressure on the side of your tire.

Specifications Dunlop Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge - Double Valve - Dutch Valve / French Valve / Car Valve

  • Double valve pump (2 openings)
  • Suitable for 3 types of valves: Presta valve/French valve, Dunlop valve/Dutch valve and Schrader valve/car valve
  • Includes 2 adapters in storage box: needle valve and valve adapter for swimming pools and inflatable water toys, for example
  • With analogue pressure gauge with display in PSI (max 180 PSI) and bar (max 12 bar)
  • Pump head with compression head
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