Electric Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable

With this cool electric lighter you can now light stylish products, another advantage is that the wind will never blow your flame out! The electric lighter is rechargeable via USB.

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Brand: Geeek
Article number: AC-000548
EAN: 7432236255245
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This beautiful flameless lighter is a completely electric lighter that can be charged with a USB cable. The plasma lighter can be used about 200 times before it has to be charged. After an hour of charging, this electric lighter is ready for use again!

The biggest advantage of the electric plasma lighter is that it is wind resistant.

The electric plasma USB lighter has excellent ignition protection. This lighter will automatically turn off after 7 seconds to prevent overheating. In addition, you can switch on the lighter as long as the shut-off valve is still on. It is also not possible to turn on the plasma lighter while it is being charged via the USB cable.

Properties of the electric plasma lighter

- Elegant design
- Windproof lighter
- Can be used up to 200 times before it needs to be charged
- Comes with USB cable (micro-USB)

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